Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Peep peep

Thanks to C & H for this idea!
I let them get smudgy on purpose to be more "chick like" but in retrospect I probably should have gone with clearer footprints at the expense of artistic realism...

How we did these (in response to Francesca's comment):
Bring your paint (we used this) and paper (remember to cut it to size first) into the bathroom (we used purple construction paper because that's all we had; light coloured good quality paper or cardstock would work best).

Round up your toddlers. Roll-up/ remove any long pants (unless already paint-covered). Have towels nearby.

Paint bottom of foot (it tickles!) and have child stand on paper. Place that child in bathtub. Repeat until bathtub is full of children. Begin second round. (Yes you could do two at once but what fun would that be?) As each child completes their second print, rinse and dry their foot and send them off.

Cut out eyes from black paper (we only had white) or use googly-eyes (you can get them at any dollar store). Cut out beaks from orange paper. You'll need some glue.

When the footprints are dry, have the children sit in your lap while you hold a black marker with them. "Help" them draw legs, etc. and write Peep peep. Have them either point to where they want the eye and beak or glue it on themselves.


Francesca said...

How did they do that? what kind of paint??

M3 said...

Love those! I want to do them next year.

Francesca said...

Thanks Samantha for the detailed explanation....was that the paint I bought for the boys for their second birthday?? didn't know it works on bodies!! sounds like they and you had fun!!