Monday, April 4, 2011

Full Day Junior Kindergarten

I know, relax, it is still another year before we will be even registering the boys. This post is about me - barring any major surprises, it looks like I will be teaching the new full day junior kindergarten program next year. I've taught full-day senior kindergarten and half-day JK/SK, so this will be a familiar but new experience. Oh, and I will have a partner teacher with me, and she has been doing it this year... so a lot of support!

In Ontario children start school the year they turn 4, so in September I will have around 30 3 and 4 year olds to play with! I am so excited about the chance to make a difference in so many little lives. I love being the child's (and often the child's family's) first experience with school. I want my students to feel like they are just playing all day (including playing school), and most of all I want every single one of them to want to come to school every single day. I want to provide for the child who is ready to read and write from day one, and even more I want to accommodate the child who needs to spend most of his day playing with trucks for now, because both of them are exactly where they should be and deserve to enjoy their learning. Luckily I happen to have lots of books about trucks!

PS If you're a daily reader you may have noticed I've been backdating my posts - that's because I'm trying to do M3's post a day in April and haven't caught up to myself yet.


M3 said...

You must be an awesome teacher and I can tell you from our experience with an awesome first teacher and first school experience that it makes such a difference. Ro and Ree (and I) adore their teacher and they are thrilled to go to school every day. She said on the first day of school that her goal was every child in her class would be excited about school, and she did it.

Meg, Pat and Van said...


Red Sand said...

Very cool. My niece starts jr kindergarten in your city in September, so I'll be thinking of both of you at the same time!

Christine said...

So excited for you and for your students! Look forward to your updates next school year on how it is going :)