Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby Shower, and Tenosynovitis

As for part two of the title...
I woke up Friday morning unable to hold up my coffee cup, which weighs considerably less than my 20lb babies. A quick Facebook plea and I found out I have Tenosynovitis (when did a social networking system replace my doctor?)

Tendonitis & Tenosynovitis baby
I'm not flirting with you, I'm giving you the phrase to Google for more information. Because if you have a heavy baby, or, say, a baby that is already 16 pounds when you meet him, there is a good chance this will happen to you

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Mom2J&I said...

Wow. I had no idea there was a name for this or that anyone else had ever had this happen to them! Thank you. (I still need to google though)
I was in horrible pain for months on end in the beginning. Nothing seemed to help.
Well, 2 years later it has gotten much better. I still have flare ups (a month or so ago I had a hard time just cutting a bite of chicken) but not as often.