Sunday, March 8, 2009

Settling in

Meeting their new brother

Vanh likes the Habs room

Not so much Max - he is a Sharks fan after all
(If you look closely you can see he is getting his first fingernail trim

Yum sweet potato

First time in a high chair

It took Shadow all of 30 seconds to realize what a baby in a high chair means for him.
It took us a day to realize what happens when you let your dog eat baby food...


Jules and Danny said...

I was surprised to see another post... I thought they might be done...

We have two dogs. Do we need to know exactly what happens to dogs when they eat baby food? lol


Tracey said...

;o) Shadow will love those boys as much as you guys do! I have a series of funny pictures of the arrowroot incident...... Maria learned to share at an early age. And both my girls took their first steps towards the dog..... :o) Thanks so much for sharing your pics and journey...... It is heartwarming, your boys are gorgeous and you guys are wonderful parents!


My little Alexandre "The Great" said...

Welcome back home!!

They are just so beautiful!!!

I would love to talk to you over the phone when you will have a free moment ;o)

1-800-655-0006 ext 5412

*Alexandre's mother* hoping to be leavng soon! ;o)