Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gifts, and pears

Thank-you Erin!

I don't think there's been one day since we came home when something hasn't arrived or been sent with Woody or MeMe... Here are just a few. You'll notice I've included my sister, as her coming to stay with us for ten days is the best gift so far!

Thank-you Val!

Thank-you Betsy!

Thank-you everyone from Curves!

Thank-you Auntie Steffie!

Thank-you Oom Bas & Tante Marijke!

Thank-you Judy!

Max hanging out with his favourite toy in the background...

... sleeping on MeMe...

... learning to use a spoon!

Vanh being fed by Aunti Steffie...

"Why would I do my own spoon when I have a beautiful Aunti to do it for me?"


ValOxford said...

LOL you should be receiving my parcel soon!!! I think I boobooed on one thing but I am sure you and Woody will forgive me!!! Love to you and your beautiful boys, Val,,,XXXXOOOO

Jules and Danny said...

Wow... lots of stuff! You are so lucky! The boys may not need to wear the same outfit twice ever!