Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy 8-month birthday!

Happy birthday Max and Vanh,
Yell it loudly as you can !
It's your day !
Hip hip Hurray !
With love and kisses from your Nan.

Birthday toast

Birthday toast #2

Birthday bounce with Elektra

Presents from MeMe (and Baby MumMums)

Stop sulking Shadow, it's not your birthday

Exersaucer (aka Circle of Neglect)

I can sit by myself!

Exersaucer in the sun

Birthday dinner from James

Another birthday toast



What do we do we these?

You want us to WHAT?

You're kidding right?

They feel kind of nice...


Who said you could have one of his cupcakes?

Am I doing this right?

Hey, whad'ya do with my fingerpaint?

Happy 8-month/ 1-month birthday/ anniversary from John

(message pending)from Mary

Good night Vanh

Good night Max

More toast photos:

More birthday photos:


Michelle said...

Happy 8 months babies! I see the dog has already figured out where to hang out when the boys are eating. Hurray for cordless vaccumes of the four legged furry kind!

Jules and Danny said...

I'm glad you found time to post still. I've been away for March Break and just got back to checking blogs...

Where do you find the time to make adorable cupcakes to celebrate monthly birthdays, and blog and post to facebook when you have two such adorable babies at home?

Shadow seems to be adjusting... he seems to be a shadow to both boys now... lol...