Saturday, March 7, 2009

Welcome home!


Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Agh... My heart is all warm and there are tears in my eyes. Your video is so precious. Aren't those first few moments home amazing. So many emotions all at once, it is the biggest rush ever. The boys look so "chilled". You would never have guessed they had just traveled 26 hours half way around the world. You all look great!

B said...

in answer to your inquiry on my blog...i was with children's b so i paid virtually everything up front and it took 2 2/3 years so there has been saving time (that's how i got the floors done while i travelled). i'm choosing not to pay in to pension. and by the end of leave i expect to incur new debt. a chunk of debt.

and if someone wants to love on the babies??? go to their'll get fed for sure.

sorry about the lack of capitals as i'm one handing it.

Leslie & Shaune said...

awww, that is wonderful to see/watch! i dont' think we will have any family or friends waiting at the airport for us sadly since we will fly out of toronto and live 2.5 hrs drive away - a bit far i guess to ask friends to drive for us. lol.

what a special moment though, if you can recall any of it from your lack of sleep fog you were probably in :)

welcome home indeed!

Stefanious said...