Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion Friday #2

Friday morning was such a flurry I didn't remember the boys were supposed to chose their own clothes so it got bumped to today again. Really I should just give up and call these Stylin' Saturdays.

The boys seemed clearer about what was happening today and were very definite with their choices. Max chose a long sleeve polo, perfect for this time of year, then selected a classic pair of dockers. He looks like an ad, or at least he did until he added his Raptors cap (deeo-saur 'at, mommy). Vanh started with socks (bue socks. No bue socks, 'ockey socks.), then carefully reached right to the back of the drawer to pull out his tractor tee-shirt. Again, he looked pretty good until he insisted on his Pooh hat - I know it sortof matches, and HE doesn't know how many brand names he is broadcasting, but I still find it jarring. Especially as we were heading off to our once-a-year, two-hours-away, picnic reunion with lots of people we only see a few times a year, and were expecting lots of photos... (We had the wrong day for the picnic, but that's another story.) But I resisted convincing them to change. And so they posed proudly for photos - again, they seemed to understand that the photos were being taken because they had picked their own clothes.

Then something happened. You can see it beginning here - Max decided he didn't like his hat. I think it was itchy. Vanh then decided he wanted to match Max more. I pulled down all the accessories and left them alone for a bit...

Here they are!

Brother high five!

'ockey socks

When it came time for shoes, Vanh was torn. He so wanted to wear his tigger crocs, but he wanted even more to match his brother, so they both put on sneakers (Max won't touch his tigger crocs). In the end he brought them along to wear later.

PS This last photo was taken in Montreal, where we drove for the picnic. Unfortunately it was tomorrow, so we shopped in Montreal's Chinatown for Tet Trung Thu lanterns and parasols (?boys' choice).

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Donna said...

AWESOME outfits!! So cute to see them learning to express themselves and matching, or not, each other!

I just love coming here and looking at your teeny/tiny little boys! It reminds me of mine soooo much! Give them an extra cuddle tonight from me and enjoy their tiny'ness!!