Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Tet Trung Thu!

It's been a crazy few weeks. Last Tuesday was a staff meeting, Wednesday after school the boys had their two-year checkup (everything's fine, but they screamed from start to finish), then on Thursday a visit to the dentist (ditto). This Tuesday was meet the teacher night. All this during my first few weeks of working in 18 months, a number of surprise challenges on the job, and a realization that any number of outside influences can make what limited family time we have vanish... It was so perfectly appropriate to grab this hour to focus entirely on feting our children. (Click here for a link with more information on this celebration.)

We added a mango mousse cake and a moon-like apple pie to the traditional moon cakes.

Ready for cake! (and realizing that posing in our outfits on the weekend when we had time and were willing to wear them was a good idea)

Setting off on our lantern procession to hunt for the moon. (No time for shoes, the moon will be rising any second!)

Max ran like this for pretty much the entire 800 metres, while Vanh rode in the wagon.

Where we are going... we saw the moon peek over the rooftops a few times on the way.

There's the moon! (The smaller circle on top) Next year the photos should be much nicer, as the arch is scheduled to be finished soon.

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