Sunday, September 12, 2010

Things you do when you are two

You run through the house with peanut butter on your hands, somehow knowing exactly which items to touch to do the most damage.

You grab eggs out of the carton and throw them.

You negotiate with your brother:
V: Watch monster trucks
M: No watch monster trucks, watch (reggie) regular trucks
V: No reggie trucks, watch monster trucks
M: Watch reggie trucks first, monster trucks after
V: Watch reggie trucks

You demand we sing, "Weeo bus mommy!" every time we are in the car and your favourite verse is the one we made up together, "The diapers on the bus go on the cute bums..."

Speaking of, you remove your diaper, throw its contents around, then go again in your bed.

You identify matching items as "V-Vanh's!" or "M-Max's!" by reading those letters/ names.

You go to a restaurant without any "gear" and eat and drink using regular dishes and a normal number of napkins.

You make your mommy and daddy laugh every single day.

You make your daddy curse almost every day, under his breath of course.

You are utterly and completely adored.