Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stylin' Saturday #4

Red socks, 'ockey socks - no surprises there, including how quickly they were removed. Pooh jeans for Vanh and "Maz jeans" for Max - nothing new there either. I was surprised when Vanh reached for the red plaid, something he hadn't seen before, and that was bought with Max in mind. He chose a blue, green, white and orange striped onsie for underneath, and was very upset when his blue checked jacket wouldn't fit over top. And I guess Max has had an eye on that top his brother's been wearing for a while, as he grabbed it with a triumphant "race car shirt!". (Luckily they will have many years yet to share it - it's a size 5.)
So, with Vanh wearing Max's colour and Max wearing Vanh's shirt, they managed to confuse both their Daddy (who shoved them into the wrong shoes over their vociferous protests) and their grandparents (who didn't believe me even when I told them). And yet they are so different looking - how odd.

PS Happy Birthday to me!


B said...

Happy Birthday to you...and I agree that there are times in the photos when they look very different and other times when I see no difference at all. Strange...

Donna said...

They're getting so big but they look so little holding those giant books! Too funny about confusing Daddy and the grandparents! But how can they have the "wrong" shoes? Don't they wear the same size?

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Samantha and Woody said...

They still need their own shoes, as everyone's feet are a little different. Also I just think it's not fair otherwise - If your brother walks in muck, why should you be stuck with the smelly sneakers?...etc. I write their initials on the back and they know to look for them (they've been freaking people out by identifying M and V since turning two)