Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fashion Friday

It was actually a Saturday morning, but these outfits are quite indicative of the boys' current sense of style. You will note overall theme takes precedence over colour matching.

Both requested "fire-truck shirts", with Vanh choosing the t-shirt for Max. I tried to find sort-of matching bottoms. Max questioned why he was wearing "Vanh's shorts" (he's right, they've been Vanh's since a few days after we met, you can see him wearing them towards the end of this post from Vietnam). He was okay with the shorts when I told him it was because they matched, and showed him Vanh was also wearing "Vanh's shorts" (he doesn't mind wearing Vanh's stuff, he was just worried Mommy was mixed up).

Vanh didn't want to wear any shorts at all, but acquiesced when I showed him all the pockets and told him he could put rocks in there (he did, all day).

That was it for my influence. Max got Daddy's Viking's hat from somewhere, and decided his size 9 sandals-for-next-summer were the best footwear option. Vanh choose a standard hat and a daring sock-less sneaker combination.

PS The idea of "Fashion Friday" as a day to display your children's personal fashion sense came from this blog. I've been waiting forever for the boys to start choosing their own clothes so they could participate. Now if I could just figure out how she gets them to stay still and look at her for photos...

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M3 said...

Love it!! Isn't it fun when their preferences are so strong? Our Ro has been Miss Pink from the beginning and still is. Ree flits back and forth between fave colors and shirts. So cute.