Friday, December 24, 2010

Gingerbread men

Top left: Max chose pink hair and fingers, blue face and buttons, & yellow boots. Then Max did one on his own - he was describing a face and such, but had trouble getting the icing to do what he envisioned.

Bottom left: Max wanted his to be holding a green apple and a cupcake. Then he overheard Vanh talking about bums and decided he needed a green diaper. For his last fellow he skipped clothing entirely and concentrated on the cupcake and slice of watermelon he is carrying.

Middle two: I did these... the boys approved of the brown eyes

Top right: Vanh's first with pink eyes, a blue nose, and a green neck. You can also see his hands and feet, and his cute pink bum. Then he overheard his brother's diaper idea so his next two had to have diapers... Oh and you can see on the last one where he licked off the eyes, at which point I decided we were done.

I have learned something from my week of cookie making with toddlers.
Hand-washing will be step 1. Also step 2, step 4, step 5, step 7, and possibly step 8... If possible try to have a responsible adult assigned solely to hand-washing. Or, facilitate participation that doesn't require spotless hands (ex hold the bag to pour the marshmallows, squeeze icing from a tube). Or just stick with recipes that craft well but are basically so dry and tasteless you don't have to worry about anyone eating them. Heh.

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