Thursday, December 2, 2010


This month's theme for the post-every-day challenge is Zeitgeist. Here is some zeitgeist of these twins (am I using the word correctly?)

They help each other. They work together to achieve a goal, and make sacrifices for each other.

Like the other night, when they were sitting at the table and Max had a blue ring-pop candy, his first and hopefully only, and boy was he enjoying it. It was probably the most special treat he's had to date.

Meanwhile, Vanh noticed the ketchup bottle on the floor (its flight from the fridge having broken the door flap and exposed said candy for discussion in the first place) and wanted it returned. He climbed down from his chair and managed to pick it up, but was thwarted by the fridge door, the opening of which is Max's special skill. Vanh called to, "Help peese Max," and Max immediately started to climb down to help, until I reminded him that candy is only eaten at the table. He looked hard at his candy, then his brother - then sat back to enjoy his candy.

But, "Help Max, peese, help peese," came again, and with a "Max help brother" Max laid his candy on the table and went to open the fridge. Watching the two of them trying to maneuver the full bottle into various too-small spaces was equally sweet. And then "Tanks Max, tanks."

They want everything the other one has. When I cut their nails they fuss over who's turn it is. Last night I noticed Max had something in his hair, so I ruffled through it to try to fluff it out. Vanh quickly slid his head under my hand and moved it around to create the same ruffling effect.

We rarely get them two of the same thing so they are good at sharing. When they fuss I usually say something like, "Don't worry, Vanh knows how to share, he'll give you a turn when he's ready," or "Max knows that's yours, but he wants to play with it for a bit, you know he'll give it back when he's done".
Sometimes that even works.

They like to sit in big chairs now when they eat (unless of course Mommy-yap is available).

They are enjoying their first chocolate advent calendar. Santa puts chocolate in there for them. I know because they told me.

(PS Max in red, Vanh in black)

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M3 said...

Adorable! Twins are something else, aren't they? Hey maybe twins are zeitgeist -- I'd know if I bothered to Google that word, but just not gonna happen. Heh.