Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stylin' Saturday #14

A little bit of a different start to the fashion shoot today. Both boys grabbed handfuls of clothing to bring downstairs instead of the usual one each from the respective pants, diaper-shirt, and top/sweater drawers. Each child's selection is spread out behind him:

Here is what they ended up in:

It should be noted that Vanh wore his hat exactly long enough for these photos, after which he offered it to the dog and demanded candy as a reward for posing.

You can also see some of our stuffed menagerie. Vanh is holding his two very favourite teddy bears, both of whom are named Two. (He has two more teddies named Two as well. When I suggested that maybe he could think of another name for the fouth one, he showed me the number 2s embroidered on it. As if.) The brown bear on the floor with the plaid scarf is Max's Big Bear, and the bear in his lap is Max's Other Bear.


Meg and Pat said...

It's great that they finally love stuffed animals! I look forward to that day :)

Samantha and Woody said...

It's really Vanh who's the ringleader - if it weren't for him I don't think Max would bother. Yet, anyway!