Monday, December 20, 2010

Max's Christmas shopping

So I took Max shopping this morning for a little one-on-one time more than anything, and we ended up in Walmart. It wasn't in my plans but the store we were headed for wasn't open yet and it was the closest that was open. And we were lucky it wasn't and we did because there he found The Perfect Gift for his brother. Something he will like. Something Daddy will like. Something you don't find second-hand. Something Mommy didn't even see as she whizzed past until Max shouted, "That -----! For Vanh-bug!". Something that was prominently displayed in identical stacks and clearly labeled $3.97. Like I said, the perfect present. It's the one Max is holding up in the photo, if you'd like to guess. But don't tell Vanh!

(Oh, and don't try to buy this gift at South Keys. They can't find it in their system so they refuse to sell it. Even if the store is empty and you are willing to wait an indefinite amount of time because there is absolutely no way your child is leaving the store without The Perfect Gift. So they have now removed them all from the shelves. Not even kidding.)

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B said...

Walmart is very special. I wanted a pair of blue pants for ben. They were 8 bucks. They were perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. Went to cash and found out they were part of a set. They would not let me have them. Even though I was willing to pay the set price for only the pants...POLICY they say. Ridiculous I say.