Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stylin' Saturday #16

Today I showed, or rather tried to show, the boys that they have a closet full of clothes in addition to their dresser. Max was too focused on the hangars to look at clothing, and Vanh zeroed right in on a drawer way in the back that contains way-too-big stuff I was saving for a few years from now. After he selected a size 5 hoody and size 11/12 slippers, we went back to the dresser so Max could find a (familiar looking) sweater. Neither boy even looked in the pants drawer, they just pulled out the first pairs they touched.

Then we went downstairs for photos and I asked if they wanted anything else, "...hats or anything?" and they both requested their pom-pom hats. Not sure if they really like them or have just accepted them as part of the ritual, but they kept them on all morning.

Workin' it for the camera

The ever popular "Give your brother a kiss"

Vanh was especially into posing again today!

He is so proud of the slippers he found.
"Not Daddy's hockey shoes.
Not for Max.
Vanh's hockey shoes!"

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