Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a little less ugh

Better now but today was tough with both of us racing for the bathroom every few minutes (Woody got it too)... The poor boys felt a little lost. And now dear Max is trying to go to sleep without his blanket, which has another hour to go in the wash/dry cycle...

Back to normal tomorrow - please?

(Ps Max did eventually go to sleep without his blanket, we are very proud of him. Also of the way he says "blanket" not "banky" or anything like that.)


B said...

I would absolutely need backup in that situation. Ben and I both feel great and today was iffy at best. Hoping tomorrow is much much better for you guys.

Meg and Pat said...

Rough for both of you to be sick. It's just me sick here and that has been challenge enough. Hope tomorrow brings health!